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What do we do?

Learn to swim with Ms. Carol through Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, or Group Lessons.  Lessons are for Infants through Adults and include all levels of swimming.

Children swim every day (Monday - Friday) for 2 weeks in a small, private setting. Children receive lots of positive encouragement, and extra help is provided for special students!

Serving East Dallas, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Mesquite, Forney, Rockwall, & the Park Cities Areas.

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Our Team

Ms. Carol has been teaching for many years now and wants to continue offering the top-quality teaching that is associated with her program. She has been training teachers and they will be following her lesson plans, teaching methods, and positive reinforcement style. Her prayer is that she will be able to step back and supervise these instructors as they experience the joy of teaching swimming lessons that she has had for so many years.


Ms. Carol

Ms. Carol has been a school teacher for over 40 years.  She is Red Cross, CPR, and First Aid Certified.

Ms. Carol taught Physical Education at a school for children with learning differences for 20 years.  She has a kind, but firm teaching style that reaches all children.  Her love for teaching children is what keeps her swimmers coming back year after year!


Attending John Brown University, loves cats, coffee, chocolate, and traveling.

Ms. Hannah

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Attending Illinois Institute of Technology, loves traveling, working with young kids, and learning new languages.

Ms. Anne

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Attending Cedarville University, loves coffee shops and spending time with friends.

Ms. Jessica

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Attending University of Arkansas, loves dogs, cheer, shopping, hanging out with friends, and pilates.

Ms. Em

Swim Levels

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Water Babies (children under the age of 3)

The Water Baby class (for children under the age of 3) is a teacher-directed class where an adult is in the pool with each child. The students learn to hold their breath, jump in and swim to the adult, swim to the steps, and climb out. They also learn to dive down to retrieve a ring. The class is fun with songs and games, but the little students also learn the basics of beginning swimming.


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Beginner 1 (starting age 3)

The Beginner 1 level is for children aged 3 and older students who are not comfortable putting their faces in the water. The goal of the class is for students to become comfortable putting their faces in the water and swimming out to the instructor. The children will also work on back float, jumping in safely and swimming to the side, and diving down to retrieve a ring. The parents do not get in the pool with the children. They are encouraged to stay and cheer for all the students!

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Beginner 2

The Beginner 2 level is for all students (usually aged 4-6) that are already comfortable putting their faces in the water. The goal of the class is for students to learn how to come up and take breaths of air by themselves. They will also learn to float on their backs, jump in safely, and dive down to retrieve a ring. When they can jump off the board and swim the length of the pool taking breaths by themselves, they are usually ready to move to the stroke class.

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Advanced Beginner

The Advanced Beginner class is for students (usually aged 6-8) ready to learn freestyle, elementary backstroke, and backstroke. The students will learn to tread water, survival float, and dive. The class teaches basic water safety skills such as reaching assists, boat safety, and rescue breathing. When students are proficient in these skills, they are usually ready to move to the Intermediate class.

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The Intermediate level usually has students who have been through the Swim with Carol program. They are already proficient in freestyle, elementary backstroke, backstroke, treading water, and diving. This is an intense and challenging class for ages 9 -15. The course involves learning alternating freestyle, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. Students will increase their ability to tread water, survival float, and underwater distance swimming. They will also learn the 3-step dive, as well as lifeguarding skills. The daily class is 45 minutes long and concludes with a 5-minute endurance swim on the last day.

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The Swimmer level is a continuation of the Intermediate level.  The students are in the same class but have additional skills to accomplish. They learn the inverted sidestroke and trudgen crawl.  The students are expected to lead the Intermediates by demonstrating the strokes and encouraging the younger students. They also come early to class to cover extra lifeguard skills, such as surface dives, the lifeguard jump, and how to help someone who might have a neck or spinal injury. The final day includes a 10-minute endurance swim. They are also given the opportunity to assist in teaching a class of younger students. Upon completing this level, the students are well trained and prepared to take the Red Cross Lifeguard Test.


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